Virtual Easter Scavenger Hunt

Hop to It, Kids!
The Online Easter Egg Hunt

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Hop to It, Kids! The Online Easter Egg Hunt

You’ll crack up when you eggsamine these websites

Chickens—or is it bunnies?—have laid eggs all over the internet. You can find them almost hidden in art museum paintings. You can find them in natural history museums as giant dinosaur eggs and tiny hummingbird eggs. You can find them in the homes of kings and queens as Fabergé eggs, covered in jewels. You can even find monster-sized eggs lined up atop a building in Spain!

Ah, but can you really find them? This game will be your final eggsam to see if your team is all it’s cracked up to be.

Meet with Our Live Host on Zoom!

Our eggceptional Host will meet with your teams and others on Zoom. He or she will set you up with our app (it works in any browser), and you’ll be off on one-hour eggstravaganza that hops around the world, following clues that lead you to websites where you must find eggs and answer fun questions about them. It’s a mad scramble that might leave your brain fried by terrible yolks.

So hop to it! The Online Easter Egg Hunt is suitable for ages 10 and up, and each team must include one adult. This virtual Easter egg scavenger hunt is available to the general public on Easter weekend, and groups can book a private game anytime. Click below to stir yourself into this game. And now, omelet you alone…

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