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Wonder Women in History
Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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Wonder Women in History Virtual Scavenger Hunt

20 Questions, 20 Powerful Women

Learn their stories and see how they changed the world on a team-building game that reinforces the contributions of wonder women in history. On teams, you’ll tackle a series of questions, each of which introduces you to a woman who made a difference. You’ll follow clues to explore websites that celebrate these people and answer fun questions about what they achieved. No previous knowledge is required. Y chromosomes are optional.

Along the way, you’ll meet an inspiring queen who led the Britons to resist invading Roman soldiers. You’ll virtually sit on the bus where Rosa Parks took a stand by sitting down. You’ll sit in the forest with Jane Goodall, awaiting her first close encounter with chimpanzees. You’ll walk through Frida Kahlo’s studio and home to get a sense of what inspired her bold paintings. You’ll peek into the still-radioactive lab where Marie Curie gave her life to advance science.  You’ll visit the cozy cottage where Eleanor Roosevelt relaxed when she wasn’t a tornado of activity.

This online tour of fascinating sites is a virtual Who’s Who of famous females who went down in, well, herstory. Contact us to get to know them—and find more virtual game fun for Women’s History Month!

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