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The Trivia Slam Game
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The Trivia Slam Virtual Game

Tackle trivia on a team while working from home

This is the team building trivia game for people who don’t like trivia games—and for those who love trivia games. In multiple rounds, teams will tackle a variety of challenges that emphasize teamwork. Even if you think you don’t know the answer at first, a little brainstorming often produces the correct answer—or a darn good guess! It’s even more fun when your guesses pay off.

But this game involves more than just trivia questions! Our host/emcee will also guide you through visual puzzles and a scavenger-hunt round. Along the way, you’ll discover some of your colleagues’ hidden talents and unusual expertise. Best of all, you’ll laugh as much as you ever have in your own home or socially distanced office.

The game can be virtual or “in person”—or it can be a hybrid activity, with teams in the office and at home. In the virtual version, Zoom and the Watson Adventures  app (which runs in any browser) enable people to work together on teams, interact with our host, and have a blast. This game of online trivia for groups of all kinds is a great morale booster!

Customized trivia games for private groups

  • The Customized Trivia Slam Game, with questions tailored to your company, group, or special occasion
  • The Trivia Slam International Edition, featuring trivia that spans the globe, written so the game can be enjoyed by people whose first language is not English
  • Guest of Honor Editions: The Virtual Birthday Party Game, The Virtual Graduation Game, and The Virtual Bridal Shower Game
  • Trivia Slam Second Edition, for groups who’ve done the original edition and can’t get enough

Special editions for special occasions and interests

In addition to the wildly popular classic, original Trivia Slam, you can also test your mettle on a variety of themed games. For example, we have games to celebrate a wide array of holidays, such as the December holiday season, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Black History Month, Pride Month, and more. See the sidebar at left for all of the available holiday games.

Other themed games include…

  • The Fun in the Sun Summertime Trivia Game
  • The Decades Trivia Slam, where each round features trivia relating to a pair of decades
  • The Go for the Gold Game to celebrate the Olympics
  • The Virtual Happy Hour Game

Check out the sidebar on the left—or contact us to find the perfect fit for your group!

What clients are saying

Companies that have enjoyed the Trivia Slam include Amazon, Societe Generale, Novo Nordisk, and Nestlé, to name just a few.

Our staff had a blast with their virtual trivia game!” says one five-star review posted on Google. “It was a seamless experience, and their team handled EVERYTHING. I didn’t have to lift a finger and our group had the best time.”

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