Virtual or In-Person Trivia Game

Fiesta Time!
A Cinco de Mayo
Trivia Game

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  • adults
  • indoor

Fiesta Time! A Cinco de Mayo Trivia Game

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Get together with compadres and colleagues on this fun new virtual, Cinco de Mayo–themed trivia game for teams. Fire up your brains for five rounds of questions and challenges that celebrate teamwork, Mexican culture, and a great excuse for a party. Each question encourages discussion that lets you work out the answers—and laugh while you do.

The trivia game can be played either in-person, with teams gathered in one place, or virtually via Zoom. In either case players our game host will guide teams through the rounds and players will enter their answers in our app that works in any browser.

As you play, you might be quizzed on…

  • Fives of a kind
  • Mother “May” I?
  • Mixed drinks and merry meals from Mexico
  • Mexican influences in American entertainment

…and more. Plus there’ll be a scavenger hunt round, where you’ll need to collaborate with teammates to find or create unusual images that bring out your creativity.

Not only will the virtual Cinco de Mayo trivia game be muy divertido, but the positive impact will ring on in future meetings. Contact us to learn more—and find more fun on Cinco de Mayo!

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