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The Halloween
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The Halloween Trivia Slam

Is Ghost Hunting a Trivial Pursuit?

How are you at conducting a seance? Because your team will have quite an edge in these online Halloween games if you can consult with spirits, goblins, ghosts, specters, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night.

During this “virtual Halloween trivia pub quiz” your team will tackle a variety of challenges. You might be asked to identify movie monsters by their dating profiles; ponder ridiculous DIY costumes and decide “Who Wore It Best?”; recall characters from Halloween episodes of classic TV shows; name famous haunted places; recognize the slogans of Halloween candy; and more.

You might want to come to the Zoom session appropriately attired for the photo challenge round, where a skeletal hand might come in handy, a pumpkin could pump up your points, and your home gym could count as a torture device.

At the start, you’ll join our Host on Zoom to go over the rules. Then you’ll head into breakout rooms by team, and you’ll use our browser-based app (nothing to install!) to receive and answer questions. After each round you’ll rejoin the host to hear the answers, get score updates, and get in some banter.

Kids Editions are also available, as well as a different sort of game, Virtually Haunted: The Online Halloween Scavenger Hunt, featuring haunted places in America and England, and the tales of the ghosts who linger there.

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