Virtual Museum Scavenger Hunt

Great Eggspectations:
The Online Easter Egg Hunt Game

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Great Eggspectations: The Online Easter Egg Hunt Game

Celebrate spring on a virtual museum scavenger hunt

Eggs are an ancient symbol of new life and the arrival of Spring, so what better time of year to go on an online Easter egg hunt game that takes you into some of the world’s greatest museums? There are eggs hidden everywhere, and on teams, your task will be to follow a trail of clues to find those eggs and answer tricky questions about them.

You might search for broken eggs in a painting that reveal a shocking message about a maiden. You might be dazzled by jewel-bedecked Fabergé eggs. You might investigate 70-million-year-old dinosaur eggs. You might need to spin around a 3D photo of an old-time egg carton. You might spot some eggs in Julia Child’s TV-friendly kitchen. You might imagine sipping wine from an ostrich egg turned into a ewer fit for a king. And yet the game is completely cholesterol-free.

Meet with our live host on Zoom

Teams gather on Zoom and our eggscellent Host sets you up with our app (which works in any browser). Soon you’ll be off on your one-hour adventure, launching websites, searching for shells, and enter your answers to tricky questions in the app.

So hop to it! This online Easter egg hunt game is available to the general public on Easter weekend, and groups can book a private game anytime. You need to break some eggs to make an omelet, and you need to click below to stir yourself into this virtual game. Not that we mean to egg you on, but this game is all that it’s cracked up to be.

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