Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Earth Day Game:
The Virtual Nature
Scavenger Hunt

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Earth Day Game: The Virtual Nature Scavenger Hunt

Starring Waterfalls, Canyons, Pandas and more!

There’s no place like home, particularly this blue marble in the galaxy better known as planet Earth. Get to know the place where you live a bit better on a virtual nature scavenger hunt that takes you from wild rivers in deep majestic canyons to snowy Alpine summits. Your Earth Day scavenger hunt starts by joining our host on Zoom, Google Meet, or your favorite video platform. You’ll form teams and then head into breakout rooms to follow a trail of clues across the Internet, with links provided by our browser-based app. We’ve curated a remarkable selection of interactive websites, and your objective will be to answer our tricky, provocative, fun questions about the natural wonders you find.

Earth’s Best includes…

  • The towering Iguazu Falls in South America
  • The colorful creatures of the Great Barrier Reef
  • A raft ride on the wild Colorado River as it winds through the Grand Canyon
  • The geological wonder of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland
  • Did we mention Earth’s most adorable creatures, pandas? Doing somersaults?

This is not a trivia game. No knowledge is required: you just need curiosity, sharp eyes, and great teamwork. This game provides a great way to engage your colleagues on a team building game that seems like an escape into the wild. For an hour, you’ll feel like you’ve left your home office behind as you plunge into the great outdoors. You’ll increase your appreciation not just for your favorite planet, but also your favorite colleagues.

The ESL Edition of this Earth Day scavenger hunt is ideal for connecting groups across the globe with a variety of fluency in English. The Kids Edition, suitable for ages 10 and up, is a teacher’s helper: students have so much fun that they are eager to keep discovering and learning. Contact us to learn more!

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