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Joy Around the World:
Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunts
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Joy Around the World: Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Better than banging a gardooka

If your holiday plans don’t include frolicking with friends like all the Whos down in Whoville (with their blumbloopas and tartookas), we’ve got the next best thing: a gathering on Zoom to sleigh ride across the internet. These virtual holiday scavenger hunts for kids take you to amazing websites in search of answers to fun, funny questions.

On teams you’ll meet our host on Zoom, then head into breakout rooms and use our desktop app to access our carefully collected and inspected array of amazing museums, holiday markets, panoramic photos of exotic places, and other eye-popping online wonders. Your mission: come up with answers to tricky, humorous questions about the cool stuff you find. You’ll feel like you’re sight-seeing from Santa’s sleigh.

Highlights include…

  • A virtual visit to Charles Dickens’ house in London in search of Scrooge
  • A panoramic view of the actual, geographic North Pole
  • Unusual toys from museums and shops around the world
  • Festivals in such places as Budapest, Strasbourg, Krakow, and Santa Clause Village in Finland

Of course these are more than just online Christmas games: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and the Winter Solstice are also featured. But even if you’re allergic to tinsel you’ll have fun.

This is a great school activity, introducing students to places and traditions around the world. But it’s also a fun game to unite families and friends, such as on our weekend hunts for the general public. Just tap one of those Santa-coat-red buttons below to learn more or buy a ticket. Guaranteed to delight any Grinch!

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