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Black History Month
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The Black History Month Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Discover amazing people and amazing places

Get to know great Black Americans, their achievements, and the places where they lived, worked, and walked, on a team-building virtual scavenger hunt. Via Zoom or your favorite video platform, your group will meet our host, get into teams, and start exploring. You’ll follow links to a variety of eye-popping interactive websites, where you’ll be challenged to answer fun questions about what you find. No previous knowledge is required: You just need sharp eyes and good teamwork.

Along the way, your team will…

  • Take a virtual seat alongside Rosa Parks on the actual bus where she refused to give up her seat
  • Explore a historical house in Massachusetts that was the last stop on the Underground Railroad for such travelers as Frederick Douglass
  • Listen to jazz pioneer Louis Armstrong speaking from his house in New York City
  • Behold the wonderful works of Black artists in a variety of museums

These kinds of Black History Month games online are perfect for bringing together groups in celebration of Black Americans any day of the year!

A Kids Edition is also available, perfect for a virtual field trip that can foster teamwork with kids in class and at home.

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