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Puzzled for the Holidays:
A Virtual Mystery Game

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Puzzled for the Holidays: A Virtual Mystery Game

Can you stop a disgruntled game designer from ruining the holiday season?

Millions of people around the world might not get the games on their wish list—and it’s not due to supply line problems or materials shortages. It’s much more diabolical: Someone who goes by the alias SCROOGE has somehow shut down all of the equipment at companies that make games.

Scrooge has dared authorities to expose his or her identity by playing a game that involves a series of devilishly difficult puzzles that are all based on classic board games.

This is where you come in: Can your team crack up to 10 puzzles inspired by classic games—with humorous twists—and come up with the code words that will get the manufacturers humming again? You have one hour. After that…who knows what else Scrooge might do?

This virtual mystery game comes in three versions: the Classic Edition, the Expert Edition (with the most difficult puzzles), and the International Edition (with easier language for players whose first language is not English).

Are you up for an exciting, fun virtual holiday game—with lots of laughs along the way?

What players are saying about the virtual puzzles for the holidays game

A 5-star review on Google: “I reached out to arrange a virtual mystery game less than a week before the event date. Tara responded promptly and walked me through the various choices for our team’s virtual celebration. Everything came together quickly and Don hosted a one-hour long challenge for our team that resulted in 3 out of our 4 teams answering all the questions correctly. A quick tie-breaker decided the ultimate victor. Thanks to Tara and everyone at Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts!”

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