Valentine's Day Online Game

Naked at the Museum:
A Valentine's Day
Scavenger Hunt

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Naked at the Museum: A Valentine’s Day Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Go on a sultry search for nudity in art

OK, put your clothes back on: it’s the art, not the hunters, that will be naked on this Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. If there’s one thing artists throughout history have loved to depict, it’s nudes. But naked is in the eye of the beholder, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of ways artists have included nudity in their work across the centuries.

Best of all, we’ll be combing museums across the country, and digging deep into our 21-year inventory of crazy questions about strange, startling, awkward, provocative, blush-worthy, and otherwise outrageous works of art that exhibit some connection with nudity.

Teams, including yours, will meet our Host on Zoom, and via our app you’ll follow a scandalous trail of clues to uncover alluring and amusing nudes and answer quirky questions about what you find. You might bump into a bronzed Adonis, encounter an incontinent Cupid, serenade moonlit sirens, walk in on handsy Egyptians, marvel at medieval codpieces, attend outrageous feasts, or run across a randy reveler who’ll make you exclaim, “I never sausage behavior!”

No previous experience with art, or nudity, is required.

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