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Escape to the History Museum
Virtual Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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Escape to the History Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Take a virtual tour of history museums

Go back in time on a virtual scavenger hunt for kids that features the websites of some of the most interesting historic houses, museums, and landmarks in America. On teams, students will meet with our Host on Zoom and use our browser-based app to follow a trail of clues in search of answers to tricky, fun questions.

Teams will need to walk through virtual galleries, turn around artifacts in 3D simulations, sit inside Amelia Earhart’s virtual cockpit, explore the rooms of a house on the Underground Railroad, roam around Teddy Roosevelt’s house, and much more. No previous knowledge is necessary, but players will discover great moments in history and historical figures, and come away with a hunger to learn more about them.

Stops on the journey include…

  • The Wright Brothers plane at the North Carolina Museum of History
  • A surprising statue of George Washington at the National Museum of American History
  • Lincoln’s rocking chair at the Henry Ford Museum
  • Vintage toys at the New-York Historical Society
  • An immigrant family’s kitchen at the Tenement Museum
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton at the National Portrait Gallery

And those are just a few of the treasures and surprises in store. This game will reveal how the past is still present in surprising and  fun ways.

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