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Escape to MIT Virtual Tour Game

Uncover the secrets of an amazing university

You don’t need a degree in rocket surgery to tackle and master the tricky challenges on this online tour of the remarkable hidden life of Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). You’ll get insider access as you follow clues across many fascinating websites—some obscure, some almost lost to time—to explore the halls, tunnels, galleries, inventions, and remarkable achievements of the campus. Your quest: answers to questions about the surprises you find. This team game is played via Zoom (or your favorite conferencing platform) and using our browser-based app. No previous knowledge is required: all you need is sharp eyes, good teamwork, a decent computer, and a comfy chair.

Your MIT scavenger hunt includes…

  • The greatest student hacks (or pranks) of all time, starring a giant R2D2 and a police car on a high perch
  • The amazing Mini Cheetah four-legged robot, like something out of sci-fi
  • Starchitect Frank Gehry’s Dr. Seussian masterpiece, the Stata Center
  • The professor who cracked the secret to the perfect cup of coffee
  • Playful murals in virtual Tunnel66 and IRL Borderline tunnel murals that spring to animated life
  • Smoots! How could we not include the Smoot, one of MIT’s most famous contributions to Boston

You will be amazed at the outpouring of innovations, both scientific and artistic. A fun bonus challenge will reveal 20 of the most important inventions created by MIT graduates or faculty members. Oh, and then there’s the Pirate Certificate. And nanospinach! We could go on, but you should just play the game.

Our Host will meet you at the start via Zoom to set up your group with the rules and the app, check with teams along the way, and reveal the winners at the end. This game is a great way to introduce new students to the MIT campus, or do some team bonding with the faculty, or provide a nostalgia-inducing activity for alumni, or just dazzle anyone who lives Boston or a mind-expanding adventure.

See that red button below? Click it now to learn more. Or maybe it activates a robot somewhere deep in the bowels of Building 10. Honestly, we’re not sure. Good luck.

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