Virtual Tour of San Diego, CA

Escape to San Diego
Virtual Tour Game

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

Escape to San Diego Virtual Tour Game

Go on a Virtual Tour of San Diego

Pile into your virtual car and head for the online ramp to the internet for a scavenger hunt unlike any you’ve done before. You’ll meet up with our host in Zoom, launch our custom browser-based app, and then head into breakout rooms, where teams will follow clues to the best websites that feature San Diego. Your quest: answers to tricky, entertaining questions about the amazing things you’ll find. You’ll scour museums, parks, historic buildings, gardens, and more. No previous knowledge is required: you just need sharp eyes and good teamwork.

Highlights of the virtual tour include…

  • A candy-size baby koala at the San Diego Zoo
  • A surreal pipe dream at the San Diego Museum of Art
  • A Soviet sub at the Maritime Museum of San Diego
  • Cannibals who’ll make you lose your appetite at the Museum of Us
  • Surprising tats on World War II sailors in the Gaslamp Quarter’s “tattoo museum”

…and that’s just five of the 16 stops. If you’re looking for online ESL games, ask us about the International Edition, for people whose first language is not English. Curious to learn more? Contact us and prepare to find more fun in San Diego!

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