Virtual Team-Building Game

Around the World Again:
A Virtual
Global Scavenger Hunt

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Around the World Again: A Virtual Global Scavenger Hunt

Explore the World’s Most Amazing Websites

Pack your virtual bags: here’s a chance to gather your colleagues and take them on a team-building adventure that spans the globe. You’ll hop from continent to continent, from great city to amazing wilderness, in search of answers to tricky questions while exploring eye-popping, jaw-dropping interactive websites starring the famous places you’ve dreamed of visiting. Forget about Zoom fatigue: you’ll forget you’re sitting at your computer as you dive into the websites and discuss the clues with your teammates. No passports required: you just need sharp eyes, a comfy chair, and good teamwork.

Stops along the way include…

  • The Doge’s Palace in Venice
  • Volcanoes in Hawaii
  • The Taj Mahal in India
  • The tropical shores of Bali
  • The jungles of Costa Rica

Best of all, your virtual global scavenger hunt takes you to secret places not accessible to the public and reveal fascinating details often overlooked by guide-book-toting tourists. And when you uncover those details, your team earns points! The biggest challenge might be for your team to resist lingering in, say, a “cat village” in Taiwan or forging ahead to reach the finish line.

Ready to go around the world in 60 minutes? Special editions are also available for international groups (for whom English is a second language) and for kids (talk about a memorable field trip!). Your virtual flight is boarding soon: contact us to book your tickets!

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