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Around the World Scavenger Hunt

A Virtual Global Adventure from Home!

Feeling a bit cooped up? Need to take your mind for a stroll? Here’s a team-building game that will take you around the world in 60 minutes! Just get your group on Zoom to meet with our Host and we’ll send you off to explore the world’s best museums and historic locations—all via amazing websites. Your challenge: follow our clues, find amazing objects, and answer tricky questions about them.

Stops along the way include…

  • A 360-degree view of the ancient streets of Pompeii, Italy
  • A dash through caves in France in search of prehistoric paintings
  • A centuries-old pagoda in Kyoto, Japan
  • A creepy “mermaid” in London
  • A you-are-there walk-through of an artist’s haunting studio in Mexico

And that’s just a taste of this traveler’s buffet. It’s the perfect game for any company looking for a team-building activity that brings together far-flung colleagues with a mix of backgrounds and interests. The game is in English, but written with players in mind whose first language is not English. Also, the special Mix and Mingle Edition divides the game into two rounds and recombines the teams, so each player gets to interact with more people.

Our app, which works in any browser, will deliver the clues, the links to eye-popping websites, and the tricky questions; you just need to enter the answers. No previous knowledge is required: you just need nimble fingers, sharp wits, and great teamwork. Magic carpet sold separately.

What clients are saying about the virtual global scavenger hunts

“Great team building experience! Our host was very interactive and high energy, and our staff really enjoyed the experience—would highly recommend!” —a five-star review posted on Google

“It was just what we needed—team building and a lot of fun. It was such a professional event, from start to finish! What an awesome end to our offsite. Thank you, Watson Adventures.” —Karen Harcourt-Baldwin Community Lead, CCSE, Microsoft

“Daniel [of Watson Adventures] was a phenomenal host—we loved him and he made us so comfortable and it really felt like we were exploring and traveling, with just the right amount of help and support to keep us going.” —post-game feedback from a Fortune 500 company

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