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Around the World
Scavenger Hunt:
Sunshine Escapes

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Around the World Scavenger Hunt: Sunshine Escapes

Got a Bad Case of Cabin Fever?

Embark on a virtual around the world scavenger hunt to sun-drenched beaches and tropical climes. On teams, you’ll follow clues to explore interactive websites and virtual tours in search of answers to tricky questions about landmarks, natural wonders, historic events, stunning artwork, and much more.

You’ll meet with our Host in Zoom (or your favorite platform) and use our browser-based app as your guide. No previous knowledge is required: you just need sharp eyes and great teamwork. Digital suntan lotion not included.

Chase the virtual sunshine on a global scavenger hunt

  • Go for a ride with the top down on Route 66
  • Scramble over rocks at ancient ruins in Asia and Latin America
  • Get up close to red-hot lava at a volcano in Hawaii
  • Stroll the sun-baked shores around the Mediterranean
  • Make like Skywalker in a desert setting featured in Star Wars

And those are just a few of the 18 stops on this sunny, funny virtual tour. This around the world scavenger hunt is a great way to get together with friends and collaborate on a sight-seeing adventure.

The special Mix and Mingle Edition of the game divides the game into two rounds and recombines the teams, so each player gets to interact with more people. Also, an International Edition is available for people for whom English is a second language (ESL). The Kids Edition, for ages 10 and up, makes a great school activity.

Contact us to learn more—and escape into sunnier places this winter!

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