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The Grab 'n' Go
College Campus Scavenger Hunt

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The Grab ‘n’ Go College Campus Scavenger Hunt

Explore your favorite university campus in a game

You don’t need a college degree to know that campuses are often great to explore. Unusual sculptures! Striking buildings! Beautiful lawns and trees! And other stuff! On this scavenger hunt you’ll get to know the grounds while searching for opportunities to complete unusual challenges.

The game is designed to be played on any college campus and any group. It’s a great activity for introducing freshmen (freshpeople?) to their new campus…or for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater…or for high school students to get a taste of what college life will be like…or for corporate groups to enjoy a team-building outing in a setting that seems far from the office.

What challenges, you ask?

Take unusual team photos

Get your creative juices flowing and your haunted side showing as you come up with clever ways to complete fun “photo op” challenges. They’re designed to give you room to have fun while also delivering dramatic visuals (not just shots of people standing around like a bunch of stiffs). You might have interact with a mascot, salute someone in a uniform, react to cafeteria food, get decked out in the school’s colors, and more.

Find or create unusual items

You’ll also have to procure or concoct unusual items, often with a tricky twist. Put your professor’s cap on to ponder such challenges as: Can you find an object that is improved by being broken? Can you use raised letters on signs to create a “rubbing” of the school motto? Can you procure a piece of paper that proves you visited the library?

Crack a code to decipher a mystery message

To crack the code, you’ll need to solve crafty, fun puzzles, possibly involving a few twisted trivia questions, an intriguing message from beyond the grave, a musical phone call, and other surprises. Can you piece together the key that unlocks the mystery message?

Complete a bonus challenge with the Hunt Host

See if you can complete a college-themed visual challenge.

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