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The Lost in the Office Scavenger Hunt

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The Lost in the Office Scavenger Hunt

Office bound…for adventure!

When you want a fun, engaging team building activity but you also want to stay in the office, this office scavenger hunt is the game you’re looking for. You’ll rely on wits, imagination, and teamwork to sculpt, write, leap, eat, and act your way to victory.

Teams scour the office to complete entertaining tasks. You’ll be challenged to…

Take unusual Team Photos

Put your creativity and sense of fun to work as you fulfill the requirements of different Team Photo challenges. The whole team has to get into each picture (except the person taking the photo), and you won’t just be standing around looking dull and bored. You might be asked to show off a team member’s hidden talent, treat a staircase like it’s a carnival ride, eat food in a surprising way, and more.

Players use their own smartphone cameras on our app, which runs on any browser. After the scavenger hunt, you’ll get to see the other teams’ photos and download them.

Find or create unusual items

This part is like a classic scavenger hunt, where you have to locate or come up with various items. But in this version of the game, teams will be tasked with tracking down specific objects often found in office settings—and creating original stuff from scratch. Put your heads together to devise something that’s actually made better when it’s broken, an edible(ish) state quarter, an inflatable object with your own team slogan on it, and more.

Crack a code to decipher a mystery message

In your office scavenger hunt materials, you’ll stumble upon a strange, coded message. What in the world does it say? To find out, you’ll need to solve fun puzzles involving a few trivia questions, intriguing texts or e-mails, a musical phone call, and more surprises. Work together to decipher the key that unlocks the mystery message.

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