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Birthday Bash Blowout!
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Birthday Bash Blowout! An Outdoor Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt

Turn your outdoor birthday party into an adventure!

Celebrate someone’s BIG DAY by bringing together friends and family on a fast-paced, fun outdoor birthday scavenger hunt. On teams, you’ll tackle a series of challenges that stretch your creativity, foster connections, and tickle the humerus (that’s the funny bone, right?).

Challenges that honor the Birthday Celebrant

  • Take team photos, many of which pay tribute to the Birthday Celebrant—providing keepsakes to share after the game
  • Find or create objects that test how well you know the Birthday Celebrant
  • Answer trivia and decode a mystery message honoring the Birthday Celebrant
  • Connect with our Hunt Host for a surprise bonus challenge

Our live Hunt Host keeps the game going and everyone laughing and sharing. Depending on your location and your preference, our Hunt Host can conduct the game in person, or can the Host can meet the teams on Zoom at the start and finish of the game, as text the teams during the game.

Players use our custom, browser-based app for all parts of the game.

Customize the outdoor birthday party to suit your celebrant

For an additional fee we can customize the game to the particular interests, enthusiasms, and even humorous dislikes of the Birthday Celebrant. We’ll send you questions about the celebrant and then incorporate them in creative ways into the challenges.

In addition to the version for adults, a Kids Edition is available for ages 12 and up.

What clients are saying about our outdoor birthday party scavenger hunt

“I planned a surprise customs scavenger hunt for my fiancé’s birthday last year, and it was so much fun! Watson Adventures was a pleasure to work with and incredibly accommodating with all of my requests. The event host was equally wonderful. We all had a blast. I wish I had more reasons to plan scavenger hunts!” —a reviewer on Yelp

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Saturday was a huge success. The kids had a blast and Eric, the host, was fun and in total control. I could not have come close to giving [our son] as awesome a birthday without your help. You’re the best party coordinators ever!” —a survey response from a parent

Contact us to learn more—and let us make your birthday celebration one of the most memorable you’ll ever enjoy!

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