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Scavenger Hunt

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Heroes & Villains Super Powers Grab ‘n’ Go Scavenger Hunt

Show Off Your Heroic Side

Calling all caped crusaders, mighty mutants, and strange visitors from other planets! Gather your super friends for an imaginative, empowered adventure. Whether you live in a mighty metropolis or a small town, team up for a super hero scavenger hunt—and take on challenges that bring out the superpowers and secret talents in everyone.

Your Super Teams Will Have To…

• Take Unusual Team Photos: Complete hero- and villain-themed photo prompts. Perfect your heroic poses, hold up tall buildings with a single hand, defeat your arch-enemies, and more.

• Collect & Create Interesting Items: As in a traditional scavenger hunt, this game tasks your league of extraordinary players with finding or cobbling together certain things. You might need your own super logo, an object you smashed with your super strength, or a key to the city!

• Decode a Mysterious Message: Is a bald professor recruiting you to join his fancy school? Is a galactic menace coming to devour the earth? You’ll never know unless you crack the code and reveal the message.

• Join the Hunt Host for a Surprise Challenge: Not even a supreme sorcerer or cosmically powered telepath can predict the fun puzzle in store for your avenging heroes.

Contact us to learn more about this awesome super hero scavenger hunt. Your super-powered adventure awaits!

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