Scavenger Hunt for Harry Potter Fans

The Wizards & Witches
Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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The Wizards & Witches Scavenger Hunt for Kids

An adventure Harry Potter fans will love

Journey to an enchanted world without ever leaving your hometown, on a scavenger hunt that features a variety of challenges that might remind you of Harry and friends. On teams of six, kids search for objects that young witches and wizards would use at a school such as Hogwarts. They’ll also take Team Photos that let them demonstrate their magic skills or show off the effects of spells.

Though the challenges may call to mind aspects of the Harry Potter books and movies, no knowledge of them is required whatsoever. So if, say, you’re throwing a birthday party for the world’s biggest Potter fan, he or she will be thrilled, while friends who know little or nothing about the boy wizard will still have a blast.

This hunt is recommended for ages 7 and up. The minimum rate is $700 for up to 20 people.

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