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The Mystery of the Dancing Nudes
Scavenger Hunt

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The Mystery of the Dancing Nudes Scavenger Hunt

Solve a crime, save an innocent woman!

In this group game based on a Sherlock Holmes story, you’ll need to answer tricky questions and solve this mystery: who murdered wealthy businessman Hilton Cubitt and shot his wife, Elsie?

Police believe that Elsie killed her husband and then tried to kill herself, and they plan to charge her with murder. What they don’t know is that Elsie had previously received e-mails containing images of dancing stick figures. They seemed to cause her great distress, but she insisted that they were meaningless. The crime scene included a crumpled copy of a scavenger hunt in the Legion of Honor, where Elsie works on ancient manuscripts as a cryptographer.

Your challenge: play the game, find great art, and uncover the secret of the dancing nudes. See if you can save Elsie! Unless, of course, she’s actually guilty….

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