San Francisco Triva Game for Teams

The Brain Squeeze:
A Trivia Scavenger Hunt
at the Museum

  • private
  • adults

The Brain Squeeze: A Trivia Scavenger Hunt at the Museum

Trivia fans and scavenger-hunt fans: unite!

If you like pub quizzes, you’ll love this unique hybrid game that combines the best of trivia challenges and scavenger hunts. To play, your team will be challenged to answer a trivia question—about pop culture, movies, music, history, sports, science, or books—and then use that answer as a crucial clue to answer a question about an object on display.

Here’s a sample to tease your brain…

  • You might mistake the voice of this Simpsons character for that of Frasier Crane. Find that character’s fellow professionals. Nearby, what naughty thing does a German do that causes a blush? Answer: In a German ceramic piece, a lover looks at the leg of a woman. Kelsey Grammer voiced Sideshow Bob.

If you get stuck, you can consult your smartphone—but keep in mind that the teams that get the answers faster will answer more questions and score more points. The trivia is wide-ranging, from all sorts of categories, so everyone on your team gets a chance to be a star.

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