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Go For The Golden Gate Park
Scavenger Hunt

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Go For The Golden Gate Park Scavenger Hunt

A creative romp through the park

Of all the Golden Gate Park activities your team can do, on this one, you’ll complete a series of entertaining challenges on a whirlwind of a scavenger hunt. You’ll take memorable group photos, find or create unusual items, decode a mysterious message, and meet your Hunt Host for a special challenge. Your tasks might involve a sculpture made of food, hints of nature, people in uniform, strangers who root for the home team, local landmarks, and more.

Along the way, you might also…

  • Act out in the Shakespeare Garden
  • Portray intrepid explorers in the Oak Woodlands
  • Enjoy a musical interlude at the Music Concourse
  • Freeze-frame in midair with Stow Lake as a backdrop

And those are just a highlight or two from these Golden Gate Park activities in San Francisco, which will have your friends or colleagues laughing and reminiscing for days. It’s the ideal activity for corporate outings, social-group meetups, and birthday parties. The Kids Edition, suitable for ages 7 and up, provides a great way for youngsters and adults to play together on a school field trip.

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