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The Computer History Museum Madness
Scavenger Hunt

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  • adults
  • indoor

The Computer History Museum Madness Scavenger Hunt

An adventure that’s sure to click

Buckle up for a wild ride on the Information Superhighway at this unique museum that boasts the largest collection of computing artifacts in the world. On this techie trek, you’ll swing past ancient calculators, mysterious source code, whale-size early computers, super supercomputers, massive “minicomputers,” games you played as a 6-year-old, Palm Pilots (remember those?), and much more. But this computer endeavor is anything but solitary: to win, you’ll need to collaborate with your team to answer tricky, humorous questions.

You might also be challenged to…

  • Find Alan Turing inspecting the grandchild of the Manchester Baby
  • Determine what programming language should run for “Precedent”
  • Discover IBM’s model of a four-story computer
  • Learn how early pacemakers took computers to heart
  • Peer at the Norden Bombsight, which directed the atomic bomb
  • Discover that size isn’t everything, at least when it comes to disc drives
  • Consult an ancient Incan computer
  • Chuckle over proud programmers’ buttons (“I got code in my node,” for instance)

You don’t need to be a computer wizard to have fun—or to win. You just need a sharp mind, comfortable shoes, and great teamwork.

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