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The Newark Museum Madness Scavenger Hunt

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The Newark Museum Madness Scavenger Hunt

Discover New Jersey’s most amazing museum

Just a few blocks from the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, you’ll find the Newark Museum, which boasts some of the most diverse collections under one roof. On this team-building game you’ll explore the museum by following a trail of clues in search of answers to tricky, humorous questions, in galleries of art from America, Asia, Africa, and ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

But wait—there’s more! You’ll also check out the Ballantine House, an entire 19th-century mansion connected with the museum and restored to its original glory, as well as the museum’s indoor mini zoo, Dynamic Earth exhibit, sculpture garden, and collection of historical firefighting artifacts in an old carriage house. This adventure is like several hunts combined in one.

You don’t need to know anything about the museum to triumph on this hunt. You just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

Find out why New Jersey Magazine named Watson Adventures scavenger hunts as one of New Jersey’s top 50 party ideas!

A Kids Edition challenges children ages 7 and up to work with adults to answer the fun and funny questions. The scavenger hunt is an outstanding way to introduce kids to the many wonders of the museum while also entertaining parents and other chaperones. You’ll have plenty to talk about back in class!

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