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The Morris Museum Mania
Scavenger Hunt

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The Morris Museum Mania Scavenger Hunt

From a suspicious Rembrandt to stegosaurus tracks…

…a wild array of wonders is waiting for you at this 1913 mansion turned museum in the heart of New Jersey. On teams, you’ll follow a trail of clues through galleries devoted to mechanical music boxes, dinosaurs, mammals, minerals, Native Americans, model trains, and more, in search of answers to tricky, entertaining questions.

Your quest might uncover…

  • Some strange monkey business in the Guinness Gallery
  • The hard-to-chew, trendy-sounding food that could aid a dino’s digestion
  • Which shock jock seems to have an ancestor in the Native American Gallery
  • A fearsome stuffed bear
  • Rocks that glow in Christmas colors

Those are just a few of the highlights on this eclectic journey through history. But you don’t need any prior knowledge to play or to win this hunt: you just need quick wits, good teamwork, and comfy shoes.

The Kids Edition, suitable for ages 7 and up, is sure to earn raves as a school field trip, a camp or youth-group outing, or a birthday party.

The museum can be rented out for private events. We staged one hunt here for a group of 75 people. Please note that this hunt requires the inclusion of temporary exhibits, so a minimum of two weeks’ notice is required.

Contact us to learn more about our Morris Museum scavengers hunts—and find more fun in New Jersey!

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