Jump Shots: Can You Name These 8 Places from Our Scavenger Hunts?

In the Air Around the Country

Discovering little-known secrets. Solving devious murder mysteries. Setting out on safari at zoos and aquariums. You can do all those things and more when you join our in-person scavenger hunts and virtual games. And something else you’ll often do? Complete memorable photo challenges.

You and your group must put your heads together and take creative photos based on different prompts. You might use forced perspective to look like giants, or find a person in uniform and treat them with great respect. Photo challenges are a great way to get flex your teamwork muscles while making keepsakes of your adventure.

One all-time favorite photo challenge: take a photo of your group in mid-air, often in front of something that can identify where your scavenger hunt is taking place. Here are eight jumping photos from hunters just like you. Can you place where in the United States each group took their photo?

1. Jump Having Fun

7 friends on a scavenger hunt jump in front of fountain and white building with a clock

Jackson Square in New Orleans, on one of our French Quarter scavenger hunts!

2. Up, Up, and Away

People Jumping on a scavenger hunt in New York City.

New York City’s famed Governors Island, on our Secrets of Governors Island Scavenger Hunt

3. Look Where They Leap

Team players in Seattle taking a group photo jumping by Pike Place Market as part of a corporate scavenger hunt.

That Public Market sign behind them is a clue that they’re at Pike Place Market in Seattle, on one of our Pike Place Market scavenger hunts.

4. Ups and Downs

A Los Angeles scavenger hunt team jumps on the Santa Monica Pier for a photo challenge.

Those amusement park rides belong to Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier, and this group is on the Santa Monica Pier Pressure Scavenger Hunt.

5. On Cloud Nine

A team on a Chicago scavenger hunt, jumping at The Bean in Millennium Park.

Hi, the Bean! This high-flying group is in Chicago’s Millennium Park, with the shiny Cloud Gate sculpture, on our Secrets of the Loop Scavenger Hunt.

6. Historic Heights

Team players in Philadelphia taking a group photo jumping in mid-air as part of a scavenger hunt

That house-shaped outline in the background marks the former home of Benjamin Franklin, in Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park. Which means these hunters are on one of our scavenger hunts in historic Philadelphia.

7. Spring Is in the Air

Players on a corporate scavenger hunt in Miami taking a photo jumping in the air in South Beach.

They’re in sunny Miami, Florida, on the South Beach Samba Scavenger Hunt!

8. Peace and Pounce

NYC team building activities in Greenwich Village

That’s the famous Washington Square Arch in New York City’s aptly named Washington Square Park. So these hunters are on one of our Greenwich Village scavenger hunts.

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