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The Princeton Prowl Scavenger Hunt

A crash course in Ivy League fun

The historic town of Princeton—where George Washington defeated the British—and the stunning campus of Princeton University combine to provide a hunt landscape that’s filled with history, art, dramatic buildings, goofy gargoyles, famous Americans, and gorgeous scenery. But this isn’t your ordinary scavenger hunt. On teams, you’ll follow a trail of clues and search for answers to tricky, humorous questions about what you find.

Guest stars include: Russell Crowe (from locations for A Beautiful Mind), F. Scott Fitzgerald, John F. Kennedy, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Henry Moore, Aaron Burr, Woodrow Wilson, Albert Einstein, William Hurt (from One True Thing), David Duchovny of The X-Files, Meg Ryan (in the movie I.Q.), and other famous figures who’ve trod the Princeton campus.

You might tackle such questions as…

  • What draining enemy did a Yalie leave on the Chapel? Answer: A bulldog, the mascot of Yale, stamped into a downspout. (The Chapel’s architect attended Yale.)
  • Who or what captures a Kodak moment in front of 1879 Hall? Answer: A monkey gargoyle, aiming a box camera down at you.
  • At an arch that honors a ’child, how many boys seem to be thinking, “Home alone!”? Answer: Two faces on Rothschild Arch clap their hands to the sides of their faces like Macaulay Culkin in ‘Home Alone.’

To answer a question correctly, you need to be standing in the right spot, looking at the right thing. And that means anyone can succeed at this game, since it’s a test of teamwork, not trivia.

An ESL or International Edition is available for groups that include people whose first language is not English.

On the Kids Editions, children ages 7 and up collaborate with adults to answer the fun and funny questions. It’s a winning field-trip activity for any school group, including tweens and teens.

What are players saying about the Princeton Scavenger Hunt?

A 5-star Google review: “I have never had my team rave about a team building event so enthusiastically!! The Watson Adventure team did a wonderful job. They were prepared, organized and courteous. My international business team of 35 people all felt included and had an amazing fun time! Still looking at the photos and talking about the experience a week later. I would definitely recommend to anyone for a corporate activity or just for fun with your family!”

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The Princeton Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Murder is on the syllabus

Princeton is a crime scene on this wild whodunit. Your task: to find out who killed a Watson Adventures staffer here. Before he died, the victim drew a star on the ground in his own blood. Solve the riddle, follow the clues, and piece together the puzzle in order to head off an international incident with potentially dire consequences.

Along the way, you’ll also uncover the secrets of Princeton and the remarkable Princeton University campus, where surprising details will help you solve the mystery. You’ll need to make sense of cryptic clues, crack a code, and send a text message to the victim. Your team will need to work together if you want to catch the killer—and save the world.

What happy clients are saying

Everyone absolutely LOVED the scavenger hunt! [Watson Adventures Hunt Host] Greg was fantastic. I have had so many people thank me and tell me how much fun they had yesterday. Not an easy feat with a bunch of nerdy scientists.”

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The Princeton Art Museum Madness Scavenger Hunt

Note: The museum is closed until late 2024 for renovations.

Instead, check out our hunts on the Princeton campus, such as The Princeton Prowl Scavenger Hunt.

From ancient Egypt to the Paris of the Impressionists…

…you’ll journey far beyond Princeton, even though you’ll never leave the area. The Princeton University Art Museum is a great option for a hunt when the weather isn’t cooperating. It packs a lot of art and history into its two floors, and our whirlwind tour will reveal the best, quirkiest, and coolest items in its collection as you go in search of answers to tricky, humorous questions.

Along the way, you might discover…

  • A work that will make you exclaim, “O!” at least twice
  • Someone who’d definitely have a hot hand in a game of poker
  • Aztec fashion that seems to say, “Hands off!”
  • A Renaissance saint who apparently thinks, “Man is a bubble”
  • Impressionist paintings that leave quite an impression

Other highlights include Roman and Greek gods, African ritual objects, Chinese and Indian Buddhas, Warhol’s Jackie O., works by Europe’s Old Masters, and Red Grooms’ amusing diorama re-creating a famous artist hangout in 1940s Greenwich Village.

But you don’t need to know anything about art to play or to win: this game is a test of wits and teamwork, not trivia.

It’s a great activity for student and alumni gatherings, corporate outings, and more.

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